Why donate to the Casio Calculator Museum?

Donations are always a nice way to expand our existing collection. It is also a safe place for historical calculators that otherwise might end up in the trash or completely dismanteled and sold for old metal of by weigh. It is very sad to see very rare models going lost because people don't know what to do with it or don't know a museum is searching for it. When you see your donation into the museum collection, there is a satisfaction and feeling that will you feel happy for a very long time. Your donation will make many people happy and you greatly help the preservation of technologies by doing so. Your name including your donation will be listed in our museum donation list forever. Be the one to receive a Casio Calculator Museum heart.

What can be donated?

Anything related to Casio calculators can be donated. Magazines, books, gadgets, adverts, photos, ect... the list is very long, and of course calculators. Old models, new models, parts, broken or damaged Casio calculators. manuals, boxes. In other words, EVERYTHING related to Casio Calculators is welcome.

What will happen with your donation?

Your donation will be carefully taken care of and being archived in our collection. It will be exposed on the website and will forever include to the permanent collection. Never a donation will be sold to raise funds as many other museums are doing. Complete collection will stay intact as this is often the wish of the donator.

How to donate your Calculator to the museum?

The permanent collection is located in Taiwan/Taipei. Donation can be send to our address. Postage cost will be covered by the museum for important or rare calculators. (A gift from Taiwan will be send back to every donator)

Can you support financially the museum?

Any financial support is welcome, even the famous" donate a coffee", is appreciated. All the money will be put in the museum funds and will never ever be used for other things than expanding the museum collection.

The Website www.casio-calculator.com including the WHOLE COLLECTION is property of the museum. The time (after work)and money (hosting, collection, pictures,etc...)I spend on the website is all supported by myself.



Ashley Chen (Taiwan) April 2012 Casio DS-2L
Nova Amina April 2012 Dulton Chocolate Calculator
Ashley Chen (Taiwan) March 2012 Casio DS2B, Sharp Elsi Mate EL-2138

Phil Reynolds (USA)


March 2012 Casio FX-910 with manual and book
Sharon Wang (Taiwan) March 2012 Tenerezza Casio TJ-20
Diego Mezzini (Argentina) January 2012 Casio Fuego Argentina HL-101