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Casio 101 (Kantoor en efficientie, Nederlands)

Casio BG-15 (USA)

Casio LC-78, CQ-81, ST-24, MQ-5 (USA)

Casio FX-702P, FT-7, etc... (1982, France)

Casio AS-P (1974,USA) Casio FX-10 (USA) Casio FX-451, FX-115 (USA) Casio FX-48 (Japan)
Germany 1974 Germany 1975 Casio FX-101 (Funkshau 1976, Germany) Germany 1974
    Kiplinger's Personal HR-8, FR-90, FR-101, DL-220 (USA, 1985)  
    Casio BG-15 (Japan 1982)  
Io, robot FX-120 (Italy, 1977) Io, robot FX-81 (Italy, 1980) Io, robot FX-80 (Italy, 1979) Casio LC-1200, FX-5, ML-90 (Italy, 1981)
  Casio FX-10 (UK, 1975) Casio BG-15 (France, 1982) Casio HR-7, HR-1211 (USA, 1984)
Casio FX and SL (UK, 1983) Casio Memory 10-GT (Italy, 1977) Casio FX-451 (UK, 1985)
Casio Memory series (USA Time, January 12 1976) Casio ML-71 ML-81 (USA Penthouse 1980) Casio ML-90 (USA, 1980) Casio ML-720 (USA, 1979)
Casio ML-831 (Italy, 1979) Casio SL-701 (Italy, 1983) Casio AS-P (USA 1974) Casio FX-82 (1982, France)
Casio VL-1 (Italy, 1980) Casio MQ-1200, PQ-10, C-80 (Italy, 1981) Casio FX-750P (Italy, 1985) Casio C-80 (Italy, 1981)
Casio CA-90 (Italy, 1981) Casio CG-8 (Belgium, 1983) Casio DC-100, DC-500 (UK 1986) Casio PB-700 (Nederlands, 1983)
Casio FX-21 (Italy, 1978) Casio FX-31 (Italy, 1978)
Casio Io robot , Casio HL-807 (Italy, 1978) Casio LC-78 (Japan, 1978) Casio SF-R20 (France, 1992) Casio Programmables (France, 1989)
Casio Graph series (France, 1999) Casio Haute Technologie (France, 1987) Casio Just what they want... (UK-1981)