My name is Georges Bogaert , 45 years old and living in Taiwan.

I created this website because I collect electronic calculators for nearly 20 years. Over those years I specialized in collecting Casio Calculators and all the information around it. This results in one of the biggest Casio calculator collection in the world. (However.. I still miss many of their first calculators in my collection).

Some of my calculators are regularly on exposition. (My entire Qualitron collection will be on expo in 2014 at The Museum of Science in Taipei)

I have now over 1600 different Casio calculators in my collection. and over 2000 other brand calculators. (I still collect rare models and Qualitron calculators and Atari calculators).

Information or questions ;

Don't throw old Casio calculators away, even broken ones. parts can be used. DM's, catalogues and everything related to Casio calculators is interesting to me.

Please, send it to me (mention your address and I will send a little gift from Taiwan back)

If you know someone who work(ed) (s) at Casio (calculator department) please contact me.